Friday, October 4, 2013

October Menu

It seems like menu planning/grocery shopping takes up a huge amount of my time each week (or every other week if I am on top of things :) So this month I thought I would experiment with a month of planning and shopping. That way each week I can just run in and get produce and not a week's worth of grocery. Then we have plenty of food on our hands if I can't make it to the store one week, or if the government closes the base grocery store (oh wait that happened).

I thought I would post my menu so next October I could do the same exact thing. We eat seasonally so it is hard to just rotate every month or two but we can at least rotate every month. We have a very simple outline for our meals: Fish Sunday, Mexican Monday and Pizza Friday. Then we usually do pasta once a week, beans once a week and then a salad or quinoa or something like that.

I have linked the recipes that have links-if they don't that means it is my recipe and I will post once I have cooked them just in case they don't turn out :). Enjoy!

Week 1:

Tuesday-roasted tomatoes and eggplant pasta-This sauce is so great! But to be honest it reminds me a lot of my favorite lazy day sauce: a jar of roasted red pepper and a can of fire roasted tomatoes with some garlic, salt and pepper. So if you don't want to roasted the tomatoes and peppers just do that. Oh and I used regular pasta-Texas isn't fancy enough for fancy noodles :)

Wednesday-out-this was unplanned, but John passed a very hard part of training!

Thursday-eggplant curry (I followed the recipe on the red curry paste for the sauce. Then stir-fried some eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and peanuts-yum!)

Friday-roasted red pepper and spinach pizza


Week 2:
Monday-sweet potato chimigangas

Tuesday-cocount lime pasta I always stir-fry my veggies and rice noodles. I then refrigerate for the afternoon and serve chilled. Very yummy!

Wednesday-Butternut squash salad

Thursday-Veggie chili

Friday-articoke and sun dried tomatoes pizza


Sunday-Salmon with sunshine rice

Week 3:
Monday-Veggie chili enchiladas

Tuesday-Pumpkin Mac and Cheese I'm not sure I will use this recipe. If you have a semi-healthy pumpkin mac and cheese recipe will you send it my way please? :)

Wednesday-Quino and squash

Thursday-Sweet potato and orzo

Friday-Butternut squash, grilled onion and balsamic pizza

Saturday-Breakfast for dinner


Week 4:


Tuesday-Stuffed peppers (this one is a must!)

Wednesday-Black bean, quinoa and pumpkin

Thursday-Pepper and cornbread salad

Friday-Greek pizza


Sunday-Fish cakes

Week 5:


Wednesday-Pumpkin Ravioli

Thursday-Halloween-I think it's a law to eat chili that night-right? So I will probably make egg rolls :)