Saturday, December 8, 2012


One of the other things I am going to do with is blog is share lists people have asked me to give them. The first one is long overdue from a woman in my ward. I did a honey order of the amazing local honey company. She asked me how I use honey-here is the list!

My own uses for honey:

Great energy booster-pre or post workout, or in the middle of the afternoon. I just eat it with a spoon.

Mix with Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt is so healthy and wonderful but tastes awful in my opinion. Mixing plain greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon makes it edible for me. I use that combo with fresh fruit or in smoothies most mornings for breakfast.

Granola-melt honey and natural peanut butter together in a saucepan. Mix with toasted oats, coconut, dried fruit-whatever you feel like for yummy granola or granola bars.

FHE lesson-we were really struggling with Caleb saying "stupid" and "poopy" so we did a lesson about language. We had a cup of muddy water and a spoon of honey and asked which one he wanted-he picked the honey of course. For a couple of weeks we kept the muddy water next to the honey on the counter, when he would go a morning without bad words he got some honey and when he said bad words we would show him the muddy water. It worked really well! (there is a scripture in Psalms about using sweet words, we read that with the lesson). 

Mix with hot water when one of us has a sore throat. 

My favorite pizza dough

I use to have this in recipe form but can't find it. To make great peanut butter brownies mix honey and peanut butter together (I believe 1/4 c. honey to 1/2 c. p.b. I am really bad at measuring) spread over brownies and then top with chocolate frosting of some sort. Not healthy but very yummy. 

Other uses and websites I use:

As I tell my cycling class I trust EVERYTHING Lance Armstrong says :) But really good tips on adapting recipes

These brownies are AMAZING! John couldn't tell they were as healthy as they are.

I usually steam the carrots instead of roasting them, either way is very yummy!

There is a basic list, I am sure one day I will think of more and have to add to this, but it is a pretty good start. If all else fails just eat it with a spoon-that's what I do. 

A little about this blog...

I am not a chef, or even an amazing cook. I completely get that and this blog is in no way to claim that I am. But I am asked often for recipes or healthy cooking ideas, and a couple of people of mentioned a blog. I plan on sharing what people are asking me for with all the world.

 A little bit about our eating habits. I struggle with infertility issues. I have endometriosis and 
PCOS. Those issues greatly impact our eating habits. I try to avoid a lot of animal protein because research shows is can affect egg quality and increase endometriosis pain. We eat a lot of organic food because the lack of hormones and pesticides boasts fertility. 

I am also a very active person, I have done a lot of research and am not afraid of carbs. You need carbs based on your activity level. I also like protein, but again not a lot of meat. I try to make vegetables and whole grains the center of all our meals. 

I also love to eat. I love flavor. I know a woman who says she eats to stay alive so she doesn't really care what she eats as long as it is healthy. I really cannot relate to that attitude at all. I love eating, even if I didn't have to eat I still would. I want to enjoy everything I eat! I want to not feel guilty about eating seconds because it is healthy food.

We really try to limit our refined sugar intake because it sends my son over the edge (more so than most kids, I think). But again, I love flavor. I like to experiment with low sugar/low fat desserts.

I hope you can find something that you enjoy on this blog-happy eating.