Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Menu

We are living in hotel this month. It is a decent hotel-two bedrooms and a small kitchen. Or at least this week we are living in that, we are suppose to switch hotels next week and we don't know what we will have there. Anyway, we eat differently when we are living in hotels we tend to eat simple, slightly more prepared foods and we eat out more (we treat this like a vacation and it is amazing how much money you save when you don't have to pay for housing or internet or utilities or random trips to Target). 

So if you need ridiculously easy meals, that can be prepared in a kitchen with the counter space that makes a NYC studio seem luxurious-this is your month! We have ZERO staples in our kitchen so life is a little interesting. Also everything we buy has to be eaten this month or tossed, and I hate tossing food. It really is like a cooking challenge reality show!

Sunday- Rice and bean burritos- Whole Foods Ranchero beans, Spanish rice, grilled peppers and avocados-wrap in whole wheat tortillas and enjoy

Monday- BBQ Pepper sandwiches- Saute peppers with BBQ sauce, toast buns with Pepper Jack cheese.  Top with spinach and avocados

Tuesday-  Lobster Ravioli and red sauce

Wednesday- Orange Quinoa Salad (Cook Quinoa, wilt some power greens, whisk some EVOO and fresh orange juice, mix everything with craisins and pistachios-serve and enjoy! simplified from here- I saw this at Whole Foods last week and it looked super amazing!)

Thursday-Greek Veggie salad (cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes  green pepper, olives, garbanzo beans and feta. Toss with olive oil and fresh lemon juice)

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Out

Sunday- Breakfast for dinner-French toast

Monday- Veggie and black bean enchiladas

Tuesday- Caprese sandwiches (we do ours with tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella, pesto and balsamic-yum yum)

Wednesday- Pasta and red sauce

Thursday- Hamburgers

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Out

Sunday- Pesto Phyllo 

Monday-Ranchero beans and veggies

Tuesday- Cauliflower, peas and cashew Marsala (there is an all-natural sauce mix at the store-or try this recipe if you have counter room and spices :)


Thursday-Quinoa Salad 

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Out

Sunday- Something is phyllo dough

Monday- Tacos

Wednesday-Leftovers or out, lets be honest am I going to be cooking a lot the same week we have to get packed and moved out of our place yet again! 


Friday- Graduation! We are outta here!!!!