Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February menu

We have moved to Hawaii and are still to get settled. Which means getting back into meal planning! I think we will be eating differently in Hawaii. First, food is expensive here! I told John I feel like you have to pick-veggies or meat-you can't possibly afford both. He agreed veggies are the way to go. Second, electricity is crazy expensive here (our landlord is thinking of getting us solar panels-fingers crossed that works out!) so cooking in the oven is really not an option every day. Third, it is crazy hot here, so cooking in the oven is really not an option every day. Fourth, I want to try to get as much as the meal prepared while Caleb is at school so we can spend our afternoons at the beach doing homework and learning to read :)

Sunday-roasted red pepper panini
Monday-Breakfast burritos
Tuesday- Pasta with Green Pea Pesto
Wednesday-Broccoli slaw and peanut sauce wraps
Thursday-Tuna, artichoke and couscous salad
Sunday-New King Ranch Casserole (this year we are celebrating "Alamo Day"-I think Caleb made that up, but this is the date the battle of the Alamo started so we are eating some traditional Texas food. The fact it is a Whole Food's recipe makes it more so-did you know they are a Texas company?).
Tuesday-Still thinking-any suggestions?
Wednesday-Stir-fry quinoa salad
Thursday-Tuna salad sandwiches

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