Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Menu

Cooking in Hawaii has been interesting. I told John we can either afford meat or vegetables, but not both-veggies won out for us (and John agrees completely). We still eat some meat but it is pricey over here so we are down to twice a month or so.

And even then veggies are interesting. I joke that they have usually gone bad by the time we get home, but for real they have. Peppers are over $4/pound here and fresh herbs you can't even find. It has been an adjustment, but I think we are getting the hang of it. We only eat peppers on the weeks I go to Costco and can buy in bulk (cheaper that way) and those weeks we eat a lot of peppers in two days time. I am also using more frozen and canned vegetables. I figure those are better than nothing right?

And when things go on sale, I just buy a bunch we eat them like crazy and get sick of them and that is ok because we can't afford them very often (example-asparagus is like a $1 right now, I am half worried it is soaked in some chemical that will kill us all but I figure I will try anything for a dollar :)

Saturday-Linguine with Roasted Asparagus and Almond Pesto-this is one of my new favorites! I used whole roasted almonds and canned tomatoes (I know I know but tomatoes are so pricey and never any good here!). John isn't a pasta person but when given the choice between this and the fried rice for lunch today he picked this!

Sunday-Quinoa fried rice-very very yummy!

March 31-April 5
Monday-Super easy quesadillas (I used half a bag of frozen corn, half a bag of peppers, half a jar of salsa and cooked until bubbly over medium heat. Grill up some tortillas, add pepper jack and cheddar and veggies and grill until crisped. Serve with avocados and black beans-so easy and so yummy!)

Tuesday- Breakfast for dinner. Caleb and I are playing and April Fool's Joke on John. We are going to be in Pj's and serve crepes with nutella and strawberries (for the first time every strawberries are under $3!) and say that it is morning when he gets home from work. I know I know mostly I just want to get in Pjs at 4 and eat strawberries and nutella.

Wednesday-Salmon pasta salad
Thursday-Chickpea curry
Friday- Pizza
Saturday-BBQ (we are going Hawaiian this time. Coconut rice, Asian Slaw and ribs with Mango BBQ sauce-once we have tried it I will post recipes.

April 6-April 12

Sunday- leftovers
Monday-Black Bean falafel with avocado
Tuesday-Mediterranean stuffed tomatoes
Thursday-Feeding the missionaries-any suggestions?
Friday- Pizza

April 13-April 19

Sunday-Mushroom and Lentil pot pies with gouda biscuit topping 
Monday-Beans, rice, veggies with avocado sauce
Tuesday-Asian noodle salad with tuna
Wednesday-Macadamian nut pesto
Thursday-Farmer's market
Friday- Pizza
Saturday-we have company-we will eat what she wants!!!

April 20-April 26

Sunday- Chicken Cordon Bleu 
Monday-White bean and spinach tacos
Tuesday-Italian Eggs over Spinach and Polenta (I make my own polenta and sauce)
Wednesday-Fresh fish-whatever I can find on the island that week :)
Thursday- Israeli couscous with squash
Friday- Pizza

April 27-April 30

Sunday-Sweet Potato and Quinoa Patties
Monday-Vegetarian Enchiladas
Tuesday-Lentil curry
Wednesday-Barley stuffed peppers

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  1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for sharing my quinoa "fried rice" recipe! I'm so glad you liked it :)